Good Things Come to Those Who Change

Before I created Lawsey, I spent most of my time in offices working long hours as an art director in New York City. I was barely home, even though it has always been my favorite place to be. Then I left New York to work for myself from home and realized that although my profession was making things look beautiful, my own surroundings were neglected for too long. And it was time to change all that in a big way.

My deep dive into decorating

I started a crash course into all things interior decor and was immediately drawn to the idea of using my creativity to decorate exactly as I wanted in my space. After all, there’s no better way to feel cozy than to surround yourself with things made from the heart with the human touch.

But would others love it as much as me?

My passion grew and I wanted to share my stylish creations with people who wanted that softness the handmade touch brings. Especially those who didn’t have the time or patience to make things themselves. But would they love the things I made for myself as much as I did? I felt sure there were others who would appreciate my work. After all, I made them to please my own eye, but for an entire career I worked creating layouts to other people’s satisfaction, so I knew a thing or two about making people happy with my artistic talent.

Almost good enough is not good enough

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined. Although I have a studio art degree and many craft hobbies under my belt, there were many techniques to hone and lots of trial and error. It was hard to find supplies that were made to my exacting standards and I often had to scrap ideas just because the end result was marred by material shortcomings. It was more important for me to keep the standards high.

The result: equal parts style and love

My signature collection of handmade home decor by Lawsey is the product of my journey and my endless trial and error. All of the hard work has more than paid off in the joy my home decor brings to those who bring it into their homes. Knowing that I can help someone else make their home their most favorite place to be, as it is mine, is  a greater pleasure that I even imagined it would be, and keeps me motivated to bring more wonderful pieces so that you always love to come home.

Lawsey Founder Lori Key

I am so thrilled that everyone who chooses Lawsey home decor knows they are selecting a lovingly crafted piece worthy of even the most discerning homebody.

Lawsey is located in coastal South Carolina halfway between Myrtle Beach and Charleston • Our address is 1101 Charlotte St #856, Georgetown SC 29442 • We can be reached at (843) 790-9892.