Snowberry Vine Door Wreath


Greet your visitors with the inviting look of rustic cottage style.

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  • Dainty cream pip beads add airy pattern and interest to front doors of all colors
  • Ready to hang using wrapped grapevine wire hanger sewn in
  • Crafted without glue using a handwoven method so nothing will melt in outdoor heat

Wreath Hanging Pro-Tip

This is a simply genius tip from Jane Dempsey that I want to pass onto you. It’s a great way to hang wreaths on either side of a glass door. As anyone who has ever tried it can tell you, she’s right: those suction cups just do not work! Here she shows you a much, much easier way that will make decorating as easy as opening a door. This also works for windows, as well as inside doors. And just think how lovely it would be to have two sets of wreaths on a pair of French doors. Let your imagination run with this trick!